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We're on a mission disguised as a high school job.

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Help others.
Ensure safety.
Build skills.
End loneliness.

When you hire a teen through Senior Year, you provide an essential and motivational opportunity for a young person to connect with their broader community and find value in growing their job skills.

What we do: 

A note about safety:

Safety is our top priority at Senior Year - for our clients and our teens. 

  • An adult member of our leadership team handles the initial client visit and communications with teens. 

  • Our teens do not provide personal caregiver, electrical, plumbing, or deep cleaning services, but they can help with daily tidying and many occasional home maintenance tasks. 

  • While many of our teens have a driver's license and can drive locally to run simple errands, they do not provide rides for Senior Year clients.

  • Our teens have at least two teacher or coach references, go through a background check, are in good academic standing, and are authorized to work in the US. If they are under 18, they also have parental permission to work.

  • Our website provides secure payment processing to keep your form of payment easy and safe.

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Want to hire a teen to help around the house?

Senior Year helps you find energetic, trustworthy, local high school teens to help you with occasional or ongoing tasks.

Whether it's changing a hard-to-reach lightbulb, getting your email to work, or taking care of the heavy lifting for your next gardening project, we're happy to help.

Want to get a high school job?

We understand teens have real financial needs: transportation, saving for college, helping your family. That's why we offer paid part-time gig jobs for high school students.

Colleges and training programs know how you show up for your community is how you'll show up after high school. Work through us to help boost your college or training program applications.

And when you graduate, you're not just a high school alum, you're a Senior Year alum. You'll join a growing community of young people who share this formative experience.
High school student wanting to land a job or earn community service hours
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Want to hire a teen for your organization?

Senior Year helps your organization recruit teen independent contractors for part-time work.

Hire our teens to help with occasional or ongoing tech support clinics, community outreach, drop-in visits, food and beverage prep, customer service, or intergenerational activities.

We help you expand your offering while maintaining labor compliance and controlling costs.

When you hire a high school student through Senior Year, you help them stay on a solid path for wherever they're headed next.

Senior Year helps high school students earn money, contribute to their community, and learn valuable skills that look great on future college, training, and job applications.

How can we help you?

Thanks for your interest in Senior Year!
We're a startup piloting in the Greater Seattle Area.

How can we help you?
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